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Surf in Taiwan

Taiwan, especially the east coast is still a “grey” spot on the international surf map. Not totally unknown but only slowly are the surf community and tourists discovering its beauty and quality waves. We have it all here, from beach breaks, to reef and point breaks – from protected harbor waves to fast barreling typhoon swell waves. There is something for every level – and we can help you find it.

We have surfed these waves for years already and know where and when the surf is on. You just hop in the car, relax and we will bring you to the most suited spot. We obviously can’t promise that you surf empty perfect barrels every day but we make sure that you score the best waves around!

Within a 10 min walk or a quick bike ride from the surf house you can reach the local beach and a bit further a point break. So if you are hungry for another surf session grab your board and go for it whenever you feel like. Oh, and did we mention that the average water temperature in Taitung is 27° degrees C?!

So be among the first to surf in Taiwan and bring back some surf stories – show your friends that besides laptops and cell phones there are also awesome waves – Made in Taiwan.

After spending over 6 years on the East coast of Taiwan, learning the local language, local culture and making new friends, we have decided it’s time for us to share with you the unmatched beauty of this hidden gem in East Asia, it’s friendly people and plenty of surf breaks! hope to see you here soon!

~ Fabian & the surf house crew


October to March: Very consistent winter swells coming in and there is always something to surf. Good for all types of boards, altough not the best time to learn surfing, since the sea can be a bit rough. From December to February a spring suit keeps you warm enough on cloudy days.

April to September: The temperatures go up and the size of the waves goes down. This is a very good time for beginner or intermediate who surf a fun/longboard. No wetsuit needed – just a lot of suncream!

Typhoon season June to October: This is the time to chase the long period typhoon swells and score some epic waves. Enlarge your chance of surfing typhoon waves by staying for a longer time at the Surf House (ask us for deals on long term stays). Or just come over spontaneously when you see the storms are building up. Most typhoons activites are between July and September – don’t miss this unique chance of surfing great waves.
Learn more about the pacific typhoon season on wikipedia

Surf the net

To be sure what to expect or just to nourish your surf anticipation – check out these websites about surfing in Taiwan.

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