Accommodation for surfers

Conveniently located in the heart of Dulan village (都蘭), in a quiet alley behind the main road away from the noise is where you’ll set up camp. There is an open living room to hang out, socialize, read a book or even learn your first Chinese words from the locals. The common areas feature a fully equipped kitchen if you want to cook your own meal, fast and reliable WiFi, stereo system connected to spotify, a covered rooftop area with hammocks and chill-out space, free laundry. We also provide surf necessities in case you need to replace fins, wax, leash, etc and a few bicycles with surf rack to cruise around in the neighborhood.

All of our rooms are air conditioned – towel, hair dryer, yoga mat, international plug are already here, so you can pack light leaving more space in your bag to bring home local specialties.

An accommodation for surfers with all you need for a perfect holiday.

Meals & Snacks

The perfect day starts with a good breakfast (or a good surf) and you must try the characteristic Taiwanese breakfast shops, soon you will not want to live without!
Coffee, tea and drinking water are freely available at the Surf House!

Over time travelers from around the world have made Dulan their home adding a broad range of authentic international cuisines. This results in a tasty mix of local and western food for you to choose from – satisfying everyone’s taste and budget (starting from 2-3 EUR for a simple meal).

Around the surf house within only a short walk are many local restaurants which all have their respective specialties, we have a list with recommendations and descriptions for you to find what suits you best!